newtrex is offering a new electronic auction platform for frequent borrowers and institutional investors only.

Other issuers and investors will be able to
join the platform at a later stage.

Frequent borrowers

  • For frequent borrowers, newtrex will make it easier, faster and cheaper to issue international benchmark transactions
  • The overall new issue process will be totally transparent and absolutely compliant to the new regulations and legal requirements
  • It will be much quicker and more cost efficient to issue benchmark transactions
  • newtrex will offer a standard documentation, taking issuer needs into account

Institutional investors

  • For institutional investors, newtrex will offer a more easy and transparent way to invest into new issues during the bond auctions
  • Investors will always have a chance for a 100% allocation
  • Hedges and allocations will be available immediately
  • Several settlement options will be available, including blockchain technology and STOs

Dealers | Regulators

  • Dealers will be able to participate in the bond auctions
  • Regulators will have live access to the bond auctions and will be able to overview the transparent pricing and allocation process

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