“Let’s rethink the process… How would we do it today?”

In order to speed up the new issue process and to reduce costs, we are building a new efficient and transparent electronic auction platform, with an automated algorithm, that will also allow investors to receive full allocation on their orders.

current process

All communication and work-flow between issuer and investor is manually transmitted via the dealer.

future process

newtrex will combine all communication and processes electronically between dealer, issuer and investor to make the overall process quicker, safer, easier and more transparent.

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newtrex will make the overall new issue process more transparent.

Market participants and regulators will enjoy a much more open and transparent pricing and allocation process, due to state-of-the-art technology and user friendly systems.


newtrex will increase the efficiency of new issue transactions to new levels.

In the world of modern technology it is antiquated to spend several days on a single new transaction. Investors and issuers using newtrex, will benefit from optimised processes and reduced risks.


newtrex will increase the speed of the new issue process.

Investors will see their allocations and optional hedges immediately and do not have to wait and rely on others.


newtrex will reduce the cost for issuers and banks.

Although the services for the issuers are more reduced due to regulatory and legal requirements, the cost of issuing new bonds is still high.
Using modern technology this can be reduced and will be beneficial not only for the issuers.

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